Receive a Smile

"The world always looks better from behind a smile." 

For Medical Families

We believe in the power of a smile.  We believe that it is hard not to smile when you are around a great cake.  We believe that a great cake will be the focus of the room, helping a sick child to escape his or her condition for a brief moment.  If you are a medical family in need of an escape, we want to serve you and leave you with an Icing Smile.  Before filling out the application, please see our answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Families for information about how our program works and review our eligibility criteria.  

For Organizations

If you are an organization that serves medical families, we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you.  As a partner, you will receive Icing Smiles informational cards to share with the families you serve.  In addition, we may be able to serve cakes or other treats for events at which medical families are the primary attendees.  To learn more about our partnership program, please read through our answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Partner Organizations.  Additional questions may be addressed to our Development Manager at  If you would like to become a partner, please complete the online application, and we will be in touch with you soon.